vendredi 12 octobre 2007

TV JOURNAL 1 ( present simple) LOST AND BOUND, 22nd series of season seven of CHARMED

The resum of the TV JOURNAL in the present simple

((LOST AND BOUND)) is one of the best episod of season number seven of the series CHARMED.
The sumary of my show is that Piper and Léo travel to save and return to the manor a young boy of ten years odl, he is calling Tyler, he has the power to put fire to everything.The Source wants to being serves by his powers for damaging the power of the Troy ( the three sisters) . The sisters Halliwell find that the adoptive-parents of the boy are a devils....They decide to protect him and to teach him in the same time why he can uses his powers in good conditions. After that, they must infront the devil Ludlow.
Besides, Cole asks for more to Phoebe is she interests to mary him, he presents to her a wing which is being proves confounded and transformes Phoebe with a cleaning lady.

PAIGE FROM MY PAST, one show TV of season seven of CHARMED

The resum of the TV JOURNAL in the past tens

(( PAIGE FROM MY PAST)), this sacred and better episod of season seven of CHARMED is provided with an imbreable tagedy.The summary of my show is that Paige learnt that her adoptive-parents were died in car accident eight years earlier, some days after their conflit. She was culpabilising and the girls decided thus to send back her in the past,but she couldn't change the evenments, she could only express her feelings.Pheobe was in some sorts frightnend by the humanity of Cole and she didn't know why she might answer to his proposition of mariage.
Finaly, when the life of Cole was with big danger, after that he was belssing by a bale , Pheobe accepted to mary him.